BHK lab is published for their work on RadioGx

Venkata Manem, Meghan Lambie, Peter Smirnov, Ian Smith and Victor Kofia are published for their work on RadioGx publication in Cancer Research Modeling cellular response in large-scale radiogenomic databases to advance precision radiotherapy.

Anthony Mammoliti has his First Paper Accepted

Congragulations to Anthony Mammoliti for having his first ever paper "Creating reproducible pharmacogenomic analysis pipelines" accepted to Scientific Data.


Award Filled Day for the BHK Lab!

Ali Madani Tonekaboni recieved the MITACS Awards. However, he was not the only one to hear good news today Ian Smith, Denis Keimakh, Joe Marsilla and Petr Smirnov all recieved their MBP Awards today. Congragulations to all the mentioned members,