Heewon Seo

Postdoctoral Fellow: Heewon Seo

Dr. Heewon Seo is a highly skilled data scientist in the field of genomics. He holds a MS and PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Seoul National University, Korea, where he specialized in pharmacogenomics. Here, he utilized next-generation sequencing for variant- and gene-based analysis, in order to identify genomic variants that are associated with drug-induced side effects. Therefore, his work focused on the analysis of genomic profiles of patients with adverse drug reactions. His current focus is on developing a translational framework for precision oncology using a compendium of preclinical pharmacogenomics datasets and clinical patient cohorts. His goal is to identify robust gene-drug associations using both molecular and pharmacological profiles of tumour samples to enhance therapeutic strategies for patients. Additionally, he has been immensely devoted to expanding his knowledge in drug combination therapies in preclinical model systems and their effects on patient chemotherapy outcomes, in order to improve current treatment strategies.