Ali Madani

PhD Student: Ali Madani

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Ali has completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Tehran with the focus on Computational Biomechanics. Following this, he continued to complete a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at University of Waterloo in which he could develop a new methodology in analyzing biological membranes as a better alternative for traditional biophysical approaches. He then decided to focus on cancer research and got his second master at University of Waterloo where he worked on capturing the behavior of tumor initiating cells in hypoxic microenvironment. Before starting his PhD, Ali already published over 10 journal and conference papers. He got several awards and scholarships including Ping Yang Memorial Graduate Scholarship at University of Waterloo and International Connaught Scholarship at University of Toronto. He has started his PhD at University of Toronto and his main focus is on developing a new framework for estimating proper drug combinations as a more efficient and less toxic chemotherapies.