Pierre-Olivier Bachant-Winner

Undergraduate Student (2013): Pierre-Olivier Bachant-Winner

Pierre-Olivier Bachant-Winner recently earned his B.Sc in engineering physics in the field of biomedical physics at the Polytechnique of Montreal, Canada. Having realized many internships in applied engineering, some for the multinational Bombardier, Pierre-Olivier decided in 2013 to undertake an internship in academic research in the field of computational biology at the IRCM, under the supervision of Dr. Haibe-Kains. While working at the IRCM, Pierre-Olivier collaborated on a project in breast cancer immunology with Dr. Katrina Podsypanina. During his internship, he created a subtype specific meta-analysis pipeline based on clustering techniques that enables the identification of unique genomic features of breast cancer that can be used to predict patients’ survival.