Jie (Claire) Tang

Volunteer: Jie (Claire) Tang

I am a financial and data analytics professional embracing challenges in my career journey. My education background is economic science and project management, graduated from University of Rouen in 2004 (Master’s degree, major in Industrial and Financial Dynamic Strategy) and International Space University in 2006 (Master’s degree, major in Space Management). After 8 years working at Rogers [1] in various roles (e.g., credit operation, sales audit and financial analysis), I do believe numbers tell stories; “Data brings knowledge” [2]. Stats is not one silver bullet for all issues, but a science assisting us to mitigate risks or “turn risks into opportunities”. In order to polish and enhance my analytical skills, I completed Data Science Certification program designed by University of Toronto in 2018.

Becoming one of the best business planners is my goal. Why am I here, in BHK lab? Because of amazing people here and because supporting cancer research is helping Canadiens and people all over the world to have a better life.

I love to use “balance” to describe myself; it is one of things on which I am devoting my time to keep them happening. I love adventures; I am a fan of baseball, basketball, squash, chess, funny & strategy video games, horse riding, sailing and hot yoga; I enjoy meeting friends, playing volleyball, sketching, listening to music, reading, cooking, and of course coding for process automation.

I use Nike’s motto as mine: “Just do it.” Wish to share my knowledge and make more good friends.

[1] A leader in telecom and media industry in Canada.

[2] Hastie T., Tibshirani R., Friedman J., The Elements of Statistical Learning, Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction, 2nd Edition, January 2017