Gangesh Beri

Software Developer: Gangesh Beri

Gangesh received his Master of Computer Science from the University of Ottawa. During his graduate studies, Gangesh has done an Internship working as an Automation Developer with the prime objective of planning and implementing the new automated test suite, building in-house automation tools, and data visualization tools. Gangesh also worked as a Research Assistant in Dr. Bolic’s lab at uOttawa where he was involved in designing cloud-based solution for simulation and processing of sensor data. The project involved the development of scalable cloud-based web application for real-time acquisition and processing of the data from contactless sensors as well as for presenting historical data. Leveraging his prior experience of working with scalable cloud-based web application and his expertise in computer science he is currently working on building cloud-based infrastructure and databases for the available pharmacogenomic datasets including Patient-derived tumor xenografts pharmacogenomic data.