Patrick Grossman

PhD Student: Patrick Grossman

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Patrick Grossmann was trained as a classical bioinformatician within the program Bioinformatics & Genome Research at University of Bielefeld (Germany), where he obtained both his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees. His research interest switched to statistical data analysis and he conducted his Bachelor's and Master's Thesis at ETH-Zurich, Basel (Switzerland), in the groups of Computational Systems Biology and Computational Biology, respectively. In addition, Patrick served as an intern at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston (USA), during his Master studies. For the latter two projects he was awarded two independent scholarships. As a PhD Candidate at University Maastricht (Netherlands), Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Harvard Medical School, he is now conducting doctoral research studies on Radiogenomics (finding a connection between quantitative imaging features of tumors and their molecular data), Toxicogenomics (understanding how potentially toxic chemicals influence molecular mechanisms of exposed cells), and Pharmacogenomics (understanding how drug responses are influenced by the genomic profile of an individual). He aims to contribute in promoting precision medicine in cancer by this approach of integrative and reproducible data analysis.