Simon Papillon-Cavanagh

Undergraduate Student (2013): Simon Papillon-Cavanagh

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Simon participated in a year-long undergraduate internship under the supervision of Dr. Haibe-Kains. Simon's work was directed at developing a new feature selection approach based on ensemble minimum Redundancy, Maximum Relevance (mRMR) and integrating features from multiple omics platforms to predict drug sensitivity and resistance. He is currently pursuing his graduate studies as PhD student in human genetics at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Jacek Majewski. His interest lies in the application and development of bioinformatic tools for high-level integration of next generation sequencing technologies. Recently, Simon has been successfully involved in analyzing pediatric brain cancer patients in two projects published in Nature Genetics. Simon has been awarded the FRQS award for a project involving comparative methods of genetic copy number variants in glioblastoma patients.