Venkata Manem

Postdoctoral Fellow: Venkata Manem

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Dr. Venkata Manem earned his PhD in Applied Mathematics (with specialization in Biomedical Sciences) at University of Waterloo, Canada. He worked as a research fellow in the department of radiation oncology at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. His postdoctoral research focused on (i) mathematical models to understand and quantify the mechanism of action between radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and (ii) mathematical models to quantify the geometric uncertainties in proton and photon treatment planning. During his PhD studies, his research focused on mathematical modeling of anti-cancer therapy induced secondary cancer risks, and, also worked on spatial evolutionary modeling on networks to understand cancer progression in real tissues. Prior to his PhD, he obtained a Masters in Mathematics from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada and a Masters in Mathematics (with specialization in Computer Science) from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, India. Currently, he is employing his mathematical and computational skills to model the crosstalk between the tumor epithelia and stroma in malignant breast cancers, and potentially identify chemotherapeutic agents that can inhibit these interactions.