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PMGC, originally established in 1998, provides many researchers around the world with reliable genomics services. A complete range of Bioinformatics services are also available for data generated within the centre or from outside sources. The informatics team also assists research groups in setting up databases, hardware storage and data management, as well as creating and maintaining websites. In order to provide a complete solution, we also assist in preparation of supporting letters for grant applications and of publication manuscripts.


  • 1998

    UHN Microarray Centre (now PMGC) established at Princess Margaret

  • 1999

    PMGC begins shipping cDNA microarrays worldwide

  • 2004

    Affymetrix Authorized Array Service

  • 2005

    Expanded and moved to Toronto Medical Discovery Tower

    Agilent Certified Service Provider

    The first in Canada!

  • 2008

    Illumina Array Core Service

  • 2009

    Nanostring Core Service

  • 2010

    Luminex Core Service

  • 2013

    Illumina Deep Sequencing Service

  • 2014

    Ion Proton Deep Sequencing Service