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Our Bioinformatics Team provides many services. A basic data analysis package is available for on a per project basis. Discussion regarding the analysis of your genomics project and experimental design assessments are complimentary to PMGC customers and all UHN researchers.

Our services are available to customers with microarray or deep sequencing data obtained from other facilities.

Please contact our Bioinformatics Manager, Carl Virtanen, at

Analysis Services Offered

The basic data analysis package for microarray analysis includes:

  • consultation on experimental design (complimentary)
  • extensive quality control, filtering, and normalization
  • statistical analysis such as clustering and T-tests/ANOVA using R/Bioconductor and GeneSpring software packages
  • data available via secure online User Portal

For Sequencing analysis the pipeline should be defined to meet the particular needs of your project, but in general it can include:

  • QC analysis of fastq files
  • Alignment to genome
  • QC analysis of aligned reads
  • Standard pipelines (eg. GATK)
  • Variant Calling, for exome or targetted panels
  • Differential gene expression analysis, for RNA-Seq
  • Identification of novel splice variants, for RNA-Seq

Pricing for advanced data analysis is also quoted on a per project basis. Advanced data analysis can include:

  • gene ontology
  • pathway analysis
  • literature searches
Other bioinformatics services available:
  • sequence and SNP analysis from raw chromatograms
  • BLAST searches
  • multiple alignments and trees
  • primer design
  • antibody epitope prediction
  • computer programming

Current PMGC clients can use our secure User Portal to retrieve data and check the status of a project.