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For frequently asked questions about a particular platform, service, or experiment, please visit our service pages.

The Princess Margaret Genomics Centre has compiled a list of general questions we are frequently asked.

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Why did you change your name to PMGC?

The UHN Microarray Centre always strove to provide a comprehensive set of services that enabled the research of our customers. As we have continued to evolve our suite of offerings, our portfolio has grown far beyond simply offering microarrays. The new name “Princess Margaret Genomics Centre” or “PMGC” better reflects the true scope of our services which encompasses high-throughput sequencing (HTS), NanoStrings, microarrays and Luminex.

Does the fact that you are now the PMGC mean that there are no more microarrays?

The PMGC still offers array-based services, however we have seen that demand for such services is decreasing. As such, we are anticipating that fewer and fewer array-based services will be offered.

What services are offered at the PMGC?

The PMGC has a broad service portfolio available to our customers. Please visit our Service overview page for the most up-to-date list of services we offer.

Is the PMGC certified to do diagnostic work?

No. PMGC performs research services only.

Is the PMGC interested in collaborations?

The PMGC is interested in participating in collaborative research projects with academic and commercial groups. We are particularly interested in collaborations which can be funded by small or large collaborative grants. A key area of focus for us is in the area of protocol and technology development. If you are interested in a collaborative project with us, please contact Neil Winegarden at .

How should I send my samples to the PMGC?

Our shipping address is:
PMGC, University Health Network
MaRS Centre, TMDT
101 College St., 9-601
Toronto, ON, M5G 1L7

Samples should be shipped on dry ice. We highly recommend shipping samples on a Monday or Tuesday to provide enough time for the samples to arrive before the weekend and helping to assure the dry ice will not sublime before arrival. Please note that special paperwork is required for shipping RNA or DNA from locations outside of Canada. For the Customs documentation that you will need, please download this form. Once you send us this information, the UHN Customs Officer will generate the appropriate Customs document and send it to you via e-mail. This document must be included with the waybill on your package.