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Commercial Solutions
* software marked by an asterisk are used by PMGC


  • * Consensus Assessment of Sequence and Variation (CASAVA): creates genomic builds, calls SNPs, detects indels, and counts reads from data generated from one or more sequencing runs


  • * GeneSpring 12: statistical tools for fast visualization and analysis of expression data
  • * GeneSpring NGS: statistical tools for fast visualization and analysis of deep sequencing data
  • * CGH Analytics
  • * ChIP Analytics
  • * Feature Extraction
  •   Signet
  •   Varia

  BioDiscovery Inc.

  •   ImaGene: image analysis features
  •   Nexus Copy Number: integration of phenotypes with genomic events
  •   Nexus Expressionr: gene expression analysis


  •   eBio Tools: collection of more than 300 open source bioinformatics programs
  •   eBioX: use eBioTools through a friendly graphical interface

  Life Technologies

  •   Vector NTI: experimental design, mining, analysis, presentation, and storage of biological data
  •   Vector NTI Advance: speed and simplify your cloning experiments
  •   iPath

  Perkin Elmer / GeoSpiza

  •   GeneSifter

  Media Cybernetics

  •   Array-Pro Analyzer

  Molecular Devices (MDS Analytical Technologies)

  •   GenePix: software spot finding
  •   Acuity: software advanced analysis ensuring the most accurate data from both low- and high-density arrays

  TIBCO Software Inc.

  •   Spotfire: interact with data in a faster environment and visualize information