High Throughput Cell Surface Marker Screening
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Our high-throughput cell surface protein screen leverages the power and reliability of flow cytometry to rapidly characterize the cell surface phenotype of human cells. We have created a highly validated panel of more than 380 antibodies to cell surface markers allowing for comprehensive analysis of the cell surfaceome. This platform has been successfully used with many types of human tissues and cells, including fresh and viably frozen primary patient samples. User have the option of full service whereby we acquire and analyze all data to help you to rapidly identify multiple markers of interest in your cells, or users can opt to purchase pre-aliquoted plates of antibodies for use on their own HTS-equipped flow cytometers. We can also provide user-designed custom plates upon request. Please inquire for more information and pricing. In the case of complex or heterogenous samples we are able to co-stain with lineage markers and/or other markers of interest, and selectively analyze only the cells of interest. Please contact us for more information.

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HTS Overview:


HTS Services
Individual aliquots of HTS antibodies $2.00/ul
HTS plates (385 markers @ 2 uL) $600.00
HTS - data acquisition only $900.00
HTS - data acquisition & analysis $1,000.00
PMCC Researcher Discount 15%

Service Includes:

• Determination of cell viability and density by Countess
• Experimental design consultation
• Sample preparation
• Data acquisition
• FlowJo analysis
• Delivery of raw FCS files and FlowJo workspace files

Sample Requirements:

In order to obtain a sufficient number of flow cytometry “events” per antibody, approximately 20 million viable cells is optimal. Cells should be provided in single-cell suspension in HBSS (minus calcium/magnesium, supplemented with 2 mM EDTA and 1% BSA) at a time specified by the core.

Antibody Database:

Our new Antibody Database is coming soon. In the interim please download our list of antibodies .