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The Princess Margaret Genomics Centre is proud to announce we are now offering single cell qPCR services using the Fluidigm C1 system. Single cell qPCR provides the highest sensitivity gene expression profiling available. Coupling the Fluidigm C1 to capture up to 96 to the Fludigim BioMark HD, as many as 192 genes can be profiled per cell with the sensitivity of qPCR.

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How many cells do I need to use the Fluidigm C1 system?

The Fluidgim C1 single cell solution is optimised to capture up to 96 cells currently. Typically you will want at least 50,000 to allow for efficient sample handling, washing and processing. Ultimately ~1,000 cells are loaded on the device in order to capture up to 96 cells. We belive that as we become more familiar with the system that we will be able to reduce the sample requirement (and we will update this when we do).

How many genes can I profile per cell?

The Fluidgim C1 captures up to 96 cells from a sample. Post capture the C1 performs a multiplexed preamplification of RNA targets. Typically 96 genes are preamplified as this is well suited to the downstream analysis on the Fluidigm BioMark HD, however it is possible to preamplify up to 192 targets per cell.

Do I have to purchase the PCR primers from the PMGC?

The Fluidigm solution can work with both TaqManTM and EvaGreen detection. You can purchase ready to use TaqManTM probes from LifeTechnologies or use primers designed for SyberGreen or EvaGreen detection. Fluidigm's D3 Design tool will allow you to design and order primers from Fluidigm - or you can use primers you have already validated for qPCR. Please contact us for more information.

Can I get trained up to use your Fluidigm C1 instrument?

Unfortunately due to the specialised nature of these instruments as well as the importance of them to our operation we do not allow researchers outside our core to operate the instruments themselves. If you would like to see the instruments to better understand how the techniques work we'd be happy to have you come by for a visit.

Can I talk to someone to get some help in setting up my experiment?

Absolutely, in fact we would prefer it. We offer free consultation to any potential customer. We are here to help. Please contact us and we'd be happy to meet in person, by phone or by Skype.