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GeneChip® Mapping Arrays are high-density arrays containing probes for thousands of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). These mapping arrays enable linkage, association, and copy number variation studies in a high throughput format and at a low cost per sample.


Pricing: Please inquire
Pricing is highly dependent on experimental design - please allow us to help you find the most cost effective solution, take advantage of our complimentary experimental design consultation!


Service Includes:

  • Total DNA quantity and purity checked with NanoDrop
  • Digestion and labelling for one DNA sample per array
  • Hybridization, washing and scanning of arrays
  • Generation of .dat, .cel, .chp and .rpt files
  • .dat, .cel and .chp files sent to customer via the Client Portal
We also offer an optional data analysis service.

Sample Requirements:

At least 750 ng of high quality dsDNA of 10-20 kb length.

Please ensure your sample is free of inhibitors, such as EDTA or other salts, that interfere with restriction enzymes. Also, your sample should be free of DNA from other sources or organisms. Samples can be purified with SDS/ProK digestion, phenol-chloroform extraction, Microcon® or Centric® (Millipore) ultrapurification and concentration, as well as Qiagen Blood Maxi Kit®.

SNP analysis is also available on the Illumina sequencing and Illumina array platforms. Not sure which platform is best suited to your experimental needs? Click here.