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Genomics is a broad field, and encompasses the study of a variety of complex processes. A number of different tools, protocols, and applications exist to help unravel this complexity. The PMGC continually strives to support a large number of cutting-edge, high-powered applications to help enable the research programs of our customers.

Our current offerings cover the gamut of DNA, coding and non-coding RNA and even protein expression. Furthermore, in most cases we offer a variety of options to help ensure that we have a technology and platform that is best suited to your particular research question. Whether you are interested in DNA mutation, epigenomic modifications, RNA expression or protein expression and phosphorylation, we have a number of tools that can help provide high-quality data.


DNA Mutation Detection
  • aCGH - Agilent array platform
  • SNP - Affymetrix & Illumina array and Illumina Sequencing platforms

  • Agilent platform
  • Illumina Sequencing platform

Gene Expression
  • Illumina Sequencing platform
  • Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina array platforms
  • NanoString platform

  • Illumina Sequencing platform
  • Illumina array platforms

  • Agilent or Affymetrix array platforms
  • NanoString platform