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Illumina Methylation BeadChips offer researchers a high-density tool for high-density tool for interrogation of methylation sites at nucleotide resolution. The Human Methylation 450 BeadChip covers more than 450,000 methylation sites allowing the screening for genome-wide association study (GWAS) populations.

Pricing: Please inquire
Pricing is highly dependent on experimental design - please allow us to help you find the most cost effective solution, take advantage of our complimentary experimental design consultation!


Service Includes:

  • Total DNA quantity and purity checked with NanoDrop
  • Labelling of one DNA sample per array
  • Hybridization/washing/scanning of arrays
  • Feature quantification (Genome Studio)
  • Quantification output files sent to customer via the Client Portal
We also offer an optional data analysis service.

Sample Requirements:

We request 500 ng of bisulfite-converted DNA per sample using Zymo EZ DNA methylation kit (Zymo Research). Please inquire for more details.

DNA methylation analysis is also available on the Illumina sequencing platforms. Not sure which platform is best suited to your experimental needs? Click here.