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In order to meet the needs of our customers in various geographical locations, the PMGC also offers what we call "Direct Sort" single cell RNA-seq. Most single cell RNA-seq experiments are optimised for use with live cells. Cells recovered from a frozen stock can often be used, but this does alter the transcriptional profile of the cells and often requires one million or more cells in order to obtain a sample with high viability post thaw. For this reason the PMGC offers another solution. Customers sort individual cells directly into the wells of 96-well plates. These plates are flash frozen and shipped on dry ice to the PMGC for downstream processing using Clontech's SMARTer V4 single cell amplification chemistry.

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How many cells do I need for your direct sort RNA-seq protocol?

Currently our protocol is most efficent working with 96 cells at a time (one cell per well of a 96-well plate). Cells are sorted by flow by the customer, frozen and sent to the PMGC for processing. The number of cells you will need in order to generate a plate of 96 individual cells will depend on your cell type and it's rarity in your population of interest.

Can I just do the library prep myself?

Certainly if you want.The PMGC has specialised facilities to minimise the chances of contamination that can be all too common with single cell applications, and therefore many customers prefer we do the amplification and library preparation. However if you are comfortable running the protocol yourself you are welcome to do so and we would be happy to sequence your libraries. Please contact us for guidance before you set up your first experiment.

Can I talk to someone to get some help in setting up my experiment?

Absolutely, in fact we would prefer it. We offer free consultation to any potential customer. We are here to help. Please contact us and we'd be happy to meet in person, by phone or by Skype.