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The Princess Margarget Genomics Centre offers one of the broadest collections of single cell genomics technologies available. From 3'-end RNA-seq of thousands of individual cells using our 10X Genomics and DropSeq platforms to the targeted analysis dozens of genes in 96 cells on our Fluidigm C1 we have a solution that fits most needs.

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How many cells do I need to run single cell RNA-seq?

We offer a number of different platforms to help meet most applications. For example for researchers wishing to study highly heterogeneous samples, the 10X Genomics Chromium system allows for the analysis of 1,000 to 6,000 cells, and requires about 50,000 cells as input. Alternatively for highly homogeneous cell populations the Fluidigm C1 or our Direct Sort applications can analyse up to 96 cells with only 2,000 cells as the initial input.

Does single cell RNA-seq cover the entire transcript or only the 3' ends?

The answer is dependent on the technology platform being used. The 10X Genomics Chromium system and the DropSeq system both analyse the 3'-ends of transcripts. This leads to a more cost effective analysis of gene expression from thousands of cells. For researchers wishing to look at the full transcripts, the Fluidigm C1 system uses Clontech's SMARTer V4 chemistry to analyse full lenth transcripts.

How many genes are typically detected per cell in single cell RNA-seq?

The average number of genes detected per cell really depends on the cell type. Large, fast growing cells like those from culture or from tumours will often have 5,000 or more genes detected per cell on average. Primary immune cells that are smaller, and less transcriptionally active may only have 1,000 to 3,000 genes detected per cell.

If I need more sensitivity what are my options?

Global RNA amplification protocols do have some inherent sensitivity limitations which does cause transcripts of low abundance to be missed on occasion from single cells. The PMGC also offers single cell qPCR methods with the Fluidgim C1 coupled to the Fluidgim BioMark HD. In this application 96-192 genes can be detected with high sensitivity for up to 96 individual cells.

Can I get trained up to use your single cell equipment?

Unfortunately due to the specialised nature of these instruments as well as the importance of them to our operation we do not allow researchers outside our core to operate the instruments themselves. If you would like to see the instruments to better understand how the techniques work we'd be happy to have you come by for a visit.

There are a lot of options - can I talk to someone to get some help in deciding which platform is right for me?

Absolutely - we offer free consultation to any potential customer. We are here to help. Please contact us and we'd be happy to meet in person, by phone or by Skype.