Sood AJ, Viner C, Hoffman MM. 2019. DNAmod: the DNA modification database. J Cheminform, 11:30.

Searching for DNA modifications

  • Start typing a search query into the box below.
  • Returned from your query are the results of your search along with the field that they matched.
  • Verified entities are returned in green, whereas unverified entities are returned in magenta.
  • Fields available for querying include: 'Common Name', 'ChEBI ID', 'IUPAC Name', 'Synonyms', 'Chemical Formula', 'Abbreviation', and 'Symbol'.
  • You may need to scroll down to see all of the results.
  • Search functionality may work incorrectly in older browsers, such as previous versions of Firefox.

Covalently modified DNA nucleobases

  • View the organization of modified nucleobases by their chemical hierarchies.
  • Nucleobase abbreviations are displayed.
  • Bases that have only been observed synthetically are displayed in grey.
  • Hover over an item to view its full (curated) name and any associated symbol.
  • Click on any modified base to view its detailed information.

Unverified entities

  • The entities listed on this page are chemicals associated with a particular unmodified nucleobase, but have not been manually verified as DNA modifications.
  • Expand a section and click on a link to view information on the entity.